Fuji X100F

I bought this camera a year ago and it is the third Fuji X100(x) camera I own. The first one was bought right after the release in 2010 and the second one a few year later. The X100 was always a camera I really liked for its features, usability and size and of course the retro design. But it could never compete with my Nikon or Sony main cameras during that time. I can not even say what the reason was but they all ended up on ebay.

Now the X100F is currently the only camera I use on a regular basis. The main reasons are simple: size and JPG quality. Yes, I shot JPG at the moment because I have zero time for any post-processing or fancy lightroom presets. All is out of the cam, straight to the web and I really like the results. I couldn’t bother carrying my rather big A7III around. And that camera is already pretty small!

Since the last post, a lot has changed. We live outside the city now and we have plenty of green and animals right around the house.

All shots with the X100F, JPG out of the camera.

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